HMS Group Buy-back Programme Results

HMS Group announces today that it has repurchased 30,000 of its global 
depositary receipts ("GDRs") representing 0.13 percent of the Company's 
issued share capital during the period from October 22, 2018 up to and 
including October 26, 2018. 
Since the start of the programme, the Company has repurchased 1,111,887 GDRs 
in total (representing 4.75 percent of its issued share capital). 

About HMS Group 
HMS Group is the leading pump and compressor manufacturer, as well as the 
provider of flow control solutions and related services for the oil and gas, 
petrochemistry, nuclear and thermal power generation, water and wastewater 
sectors in Russia and the CIS headquartered in Moscow, Russia. HMS Group's 
products are mission-critical elements of projects across a diverse range of 
industries. HMS has a listing on the London Stock Exchange in the form of 
global depositary receipts (LSE: HMSG).