Agenda revealed for IR Magazine Global Forum

Everything from macroeconomics to next-gen targeting on the agenda

The schedule for this year’s IR Magazine Global Forum – coming to Europe for the first time and being held in Paris – has been revealed.

The two-day event, on October 3 and 4, will kick off with a jumpstart briefing looking atmacroeconomic trends over the coming 12 months, followed by a longer session on the impact of macroeconomic factors on investment. The last session before lunch offers a Q&A with a panel of members of the buy side and the sell side.

The afternoon of October 3 will start with a look at next-generation targeting techniques and how these can be used to tailor strategies for different regions. This will be followed by a session on how IROs can better integrate ESG into their IR programs. 

Delegates can then pause for a quick refreshment break before two quickfire, 30-minute segments, the first looking at how technology can improve IR, and the second focusing onshareholder activism trends and how IROs can be better prepared for an activist on the register. The final session of the day will offer case studies on how successful IR heads manage their day-to-day activities – despite often running on lean resources.  

The Global Top 50 awards ceremony will close the first day, followed by a drinks reception celebrating not only the best of global IR but also 30 years of Cliff, the French association of financial communication professionals and recognized voice of French IR. 


Day two will start with a session on the future of IR, with a look at key market changes and trends, followed by a session on the ways in which governance is going mainstream and what IROs should be doing to keep pace. Before lunch, we’ll also hear from a panel of senior executives to find out what management wants from IR, how IR is measured and how to attract the attention of the C-suite.

Taking a more hands-on approach, the second day will offer two afternoon workshops: the first on crisis management and the second on M&A.