SharesInside is a Swiss based IT company with sole focus on digital solutions for Investor Relations. We have created a communication platform for listed companies to have a direct channel of communication to investors all over the world.

Available over all mobile devices and web, Investors will have access to all information regarding a company no matter which country they are living in, on holiday or away from the office.

We aim to level the playing field and eliminate the relationship between market cap and great Investor Relations practices. Having one ‘go to’ place for investment opportunities.

We are a hardworking, dedicated team with international DNA. We have offices in Switzerland, Russia, Australia, Japan, Singapore and South America.

Companies will have increased exposure to investors on an international scale and will make diversification of shareholder base easy and more effective.

There is a range of features to be introduced in the future IPO’s, Crowd Funding, E-voting, Corporate actions in order to service the entire investment communities needs in one place.

Build trust with your shareholders through regular and direct communication. Cut out the middle man and turn investor into fans